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SVDM Sale Feb. 14-21

Posted by ShowcaseComicsandGames on February 13, 2014 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Not even the snow and ice of the Fimbulwinter can stop the


St. Valentines’ Day Massacre!


Friday, Feb. 14th to Friday Feb. 21st. At both stores.



It’s here again, our big sale of the year. We know it’s a hard choice: Firewood and electric blankets vs. Comics and games…..ok, maybe not so hard. Comics and Games will get you through times of cold much better than a warm house will get you through times of no comics and games. So put on the snowshoes, hitch up those house pets to your kids sled, and trudge on down. And as always, we give a bit more of a reward to our comic subscribers.

What’s on sale? Nearly everything in the store. All back issues, books, graphic novels, games, miniatures, paints toys….

What’s not on sale: New comics, If it’s in the back issue bins or on the wall it’s on sale. If it’s on either the long wall of new issues, or just came out this week, it’s not on sale. Newly released products may not be on sale but will be marked. Good examples are the new Dwarf codex from GW and BotGods magic packs. Comic supplies are not on sale. If we don’t have an item in stock, but it’s available to order, you can pay for it during the sale at the sale price and pick it up when it comes in.


Back issue comics in the bins: 40% off, 50% for subscribers.

Back issue comics on the wall: 30% off, 40% off for subscribers.

Games Workshop, Warmachine, Flames of War, and other miniature games, paints, brushes, and scenery: 25% off

Malifaux metal, Dropzone Commander, Reaper metal miniatures: 40% off

All Cardgames, card supplies, singles, boardgames, RPG’s, Dice: 20% off

All books, Graphic Novels, Hardcovers: 20% off

Anything not marked is probably 20% off. Look for special sales on discontinued items or overstock.


Warhammer Fantasy 2500 pt Tournament Jan. 25th

Posted by ShowcaseComicsandGames on January 21, 2014 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

It's always fun when don't have to do any more work than warm up some Chilidogs! Winter storms are making us all crazy and I guess the guys need to roll some dice. A bunch of folks have asked me if they could have a Warhammer Fantasy tournament this weekend. Not much notice, but we have the room, the terrain, and nothing much else going on. So WFB 2500 Tournament is a Go! We'll be hosting the event at the Granite Run Mall store.


Here's the info on it:


ANOUNCEMENT!!!!!!!Last Minute!!!!!!!CRAZY!!!!!!!!

2500 Pt Fantasy tournament This sat 1/25

Due too requests from Multiple sources we will be holding a fantasy event this Saturday.


Registration 10 am

Dice roll at 11am

As always the great chef Clark will be cooking up some lunch for us

Rules are as follows


all FW is legal providing you have the models and rules to go with them(do not proxy)

No restrictions

Buildings are impassible terrain


The first place trophy will be the Orc Rogue Idol from Forgewold

Prizes will be based on attendance but, I'm sure there's gona be a lot SO COME ON DOWN!!!!!!!


Posted by ShowcaseComicsandGames on January 21, 2014 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

White Dwarf is going Weekly! The new magine will be out every friday and cost 4 bucks. Many things like store listings will get moved online, so they don't take up space. Previews of new models coming out, rules for models, and hobby articles. At the same time, there are changes to their release schedule. Instead of a lot at the first of the month, new models will be out every Friday at 6pm. For us, with our Late Night Friday gaming, is awesome. The first issue comes out on Jan. 31st, and if you show up on Friday Night at the Granite Run store, we have a special deal on it. Anyone making a GW purchase gets the new White Dwarf issue for free!


Yes, FREE!


So come hang out, model, paint, play games of any type, and grab a FREE copy of the new White Dwarf and see what the excitement is all about.