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WFB Warbands Rules

General Rules:

-1200pts allowed per army, using any in-print army books.

-Duplicate rare choices are not allowed. (Models counted as 2 for 1 count as 1 choice.)

-Armies that do not take a Lord choice may take up to 500pts of Heroes

-No more than two war machines choices, or template weapons may be taken.. Models that are bought as 2 for 1, count as only one choice.

-A Max. 30 models may be taken with missile weapons with a range of 20”+ (not incl. war machines, characters and chariots).

-Max unit size is 30 models, or 350pts. This includes magic items, upgrades, command, and anything else bought along with the unit. It does not include a character that may join a unit.

-A max of 5 Power Dice may be used to cast a spell.

We will be using the ETC rules for line of sight, from the draft rules for 2012.

Simple Line of Sight

All units and terrain pieces are divided into the following three categories.

- Blocking: Hills, Buildings and impassable terrain.

These block Line of Sight, even to other blocking terrain (You can't see through it).

- Non-Blocking: Rivers, marches and swarms.

Does not block Line of Sight (You can see through them/it).

- Interfering: All other terrain and units.

Does not block Line of Sight (You can see through them/it).

- If you shoot through interfering units or terrain there is a -2 to hit penalty, only -1 for woods (never


- If shooting at a large target, units in buildings or on hills there are no to hit modifiers for interfering

or non-blocking terrain or units, unless it is an interfering wood.

- When such a unit is doing the shooting there are no to hit penalties for interfering or non-blocking

units or terrain, other than interfering woods.

Army Specific rules:

-Demons of Chaos are allowed 1000 pts. (Add 200 to amount killed to calculate VP)

The Masque may not be taken.

-Wood Elves, are allowed 1300pts. (subtract 100 from the amount killed to compute VP.) Wood Elves do not have a restriction on the number of bow armed troops allowed.

-Beastmen are allowed 1300pts.

(subtract 100 from the amount killed to compute VP.)

-High Elves may not take the book of Hoeth. They may take duplicate rares.

-Ogres: may not take both a dis-spell scroll and a hell heart.


-Dwarves: may take up to 3 war machines.

-Empire: Steam tank counts as a war engine.

-Dark Elves may not take more than 20 repeating crossbows, including characters and excluding chariots.

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Is there a painting requirement and or score for painted armies?

February 8, 2012 at 12:25 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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do we get to do mutli race lists like the last time?


You are such an Ultramarine.

February 8, 2012 at 7:00 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Yes - Painting required, but top 3 spots use battle points to decide, separate painting prize.

1 army book for this jeremy, going with straight up WFB, vs the chaos rules, I'll save that for the league.

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Hey Mike!

Have a couple questions for this Friday.

What time is the tourney starting? Also, is a Gyrocopter considered a war machine for this event?


February 20, 2012 at 12:57 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Yes, Gyro is a war engine, and we'll be starting in the 6pm to 7pm timeframe. I'd like to say 6pm, but several people are traveling to the event, and might hit rush hour traffic.

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