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Magic Monday at Swarthmore

Stop on in for casual play all day!  Standard, Modern, Legacy, EDH, come in and play it all.  Starting at 5:30, we have a staff member that will be happy to teach new players the game. Monday doesn't have a lot of rules, play what you want.

Tuesday Night - Table Top Tuesday! at Swarthmore

Stop on in and play a ton of different table top games! We have groups playing Warmachine and Hordes; Star Wars: X-wing and Armada; as well as, Guild Ball. And if you don't know the game, ask for a demo game to teach you the rules. 


Wednesday Night Magic at Swarthmore

Casual games from 5 pm till close with a weekly draft from 7:00 pm till close.  Generally we are drafting the current set. Cost for the draft is 15.00 unless it's a special set like Eternal Masters.

Wednesday Night - DnD 5e Adventure League at Swarthmore

Starts at 6pm, and runs to about 8:30. The current season of Adventure League is Storm Kings Thunder. Dave is running the official AL modules at his table. Mike is old and has too many ideas in his head so his adventures weave around the official ones and are geared for an older group. Availability to get at seat at a table might be limited, but we do our best. Any interested in becoming a Dungeon Master should talk to Mike Clark and let him twist your arm. 

Wednesday Night - Warmahordes at Bryn Mawr

Open gaming and a big crowd of players for Privateer Press.

Thursday Night Board Game Night with Amanda! at Swarthmore, Frostgrave and historical gaming.

A free event for board game enthusiasts who would love the opportunity to try out an array of games that we have to offer. We offer an every changing weekly spotlight game but feel free to bring your own.  Starts at 6:30 pm. Plus you will usually find Bob and Frenchy in the back setting up a wargame from some era of history along with the rest of the historical gaming group. Recently, games of Frostgrave have been uncovered by eager fantasy table-top players.

Friday Night Magic at Swarthmore

Friday Night Magic at Swarthmore!  We offer both Standard and Modern tournaments.  Standard starts at 7:00pm and is a free swiss style tournament.  Modern starts at 7:30pm and is a $3 buy in, with prize support.

Friday Night - Late Night Game Night at Swarthmore

Open gaming, with loads of tables and scenery available for all game systems, or sit and work on your models. We stay late until around midnight, depending on how many folks are there and what we have going on.

Friday Night - Heroclix at Bryn Mawr

Format changes. Contact the Bryn Mawr store for formats and other information.

Friday Night Magic at Bryn Mawr

 The format for Friday Night Magic changes, call the Bryn Mawr store for details.

Saturday  - Warhammer 40K Kill Teams and Historicals at Swarthmore

Open gaming, over a dozen tables and lots of scenery available. Arrange a game on the forums or just show up and get in some games. No charge, all welcome, painted armies not a necessity. The historical group is usually around that day, playing almost anything from various era. A group started up playing Warhammer 40K: Kill Teams for both new and returning players.