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Hello All,

A few of us have drank the Kool Aid and began to play Frost Grave. I have played 2 good games and I am learning more as we go. I have learned that a coward lives to fight another day, and running with a small treasure means you gain experience. (When your dead you get nothing!!!)

A shield spell cast on your self is good, but one cast on a Knight makes him/her a 15 Armor to hit and score damage.

Thanks to Mike and Cooper, Telekinesis is a Great Spell!!!! Helps you snatch treasure from your opponent that has almost beat you to the treasure.

A powerful spell is good and Bad- Cause if you fail the roll it can cause damage to your wizard.

Our group has about 5 that are sold on Frost grave with a few more that may join. Hope is to find who else will join in on the fun and maybe have a few friendly games.

See you at Showcase


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