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Hello All,

 Saturday is now league play for Frostgrave. We had a match up of Elementalist vs Thaumaturge. There were several Archers, Thiefs and Thugs. In the end both Wizards fell, the elementalist Apprentice and a few other unlucky soles. Treasures were taken and parties reformed,

They played on Coopers great terrain board that need more broken ground to limit Range of Visibility.

Group looked to have fun and was very friendly and inviting. They said they were hoping for more players to join up and form a campaign. I am painting up my Party and hope to be ready for Saturday 26th.

See you @ Showcase

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I had a great game today against Tim. My necromancer against his summoner and a disconcerting number of screaming demonic barbarians. (And a bear.) Minions were murdered, statues were activated. My necromancer was beat unconcious by a very rude barbarian gentleman.

Great game, fun times. 

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Hello, I am possibly interested in playing some Frostgrave. A few questions: Which store do you play at, and what time do you play on saturdays? Also, this may be a dumb question, but does the store carry the miniatures line and rulebooks and such? Thanks!

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Hello Justin

 I am back from Cold Wars this week and plan to play this Saturday @ the Swarthmore store say around 11 AM.

Yes- they sell the books. They are getting the figure line in but I use their Bones figures to make my Party. They have plenty of terrrain and I found more at Cold Wars to make the board have reduced visibility for those pesky Archers and Crossbowmen.

I suggest you stop by and try a demo game and see if you like it enough to drop the coin for it.

Hope to see you there.

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Cool, I will most likely be there saturday
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