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Hello All,

 We rocked 3 games of Frost Grave on Saturday. New learner Justin took on Brian for a game. Justin played very well and seemed to catch on quickly. (Not sure if his superior dice rolls lead him to good furtunes)

 I played in the 2nd game and it was a scenario with a tower where no magic could be used. A tough scenario that found my thiefs taking my 2 treasures away while Brian's forces took his two tereasures off the board. The Fight in the tower left 1 dead Theifs, 1 Tracker, A Knight and a War Dog. The fight was really getting good as reserves where flooding into the fight. Suddenly the Weather turned for the worst and it was time to run. My Opponent had the treasure in hand and with a final roll his thief held on the the main treasure as game end was declared.

 After rolling I finished with 240 GP, a Book on Shield and a book of Banish. A total of 140 xp and now time to figure out what my troop needs for their next adventure.

Until next Saturday @ Showcase

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I had fun, thanks to those who taught me and lent me figures. I scratched together some figures to play with next time and i hope to pick up a soldier box and a wizard blister next time. Thanks again
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I'm wondering if the magic pre release is going to affect frostgrave on saturday. I can imagine that it will take up a lot of room. Are you still planning on playing on saturday?
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