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New to warhammer generally and am looking for a good learning game at the Granite Run store.  Is 500 pts worth anyone's time, or is it better to wait for at least 1000 pts for a good game? I'm around most weekends if anyone is interested.


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There are usually several of us around on weekends that could give you a learning game. Friday nights are good, and Saturday afternoon.

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I've been playing Warhammer for a while, but I am starting a new army (Tomb Kings) and I am looking to play some smaller games 500, 1000, and 1500 points so I can start to learn my new army.  I could help you with Warhammer basics if you're up for playing.  I'm planning on heading over to GR tomorrow (Friday 8-25-11) evening and will be looking for opponents to play. 



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