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Three hours of mowing the lawn with my brain in neutral is dangerous. I bore easily. I think up new ideas and it makes the Thought Police angry with me. But even Thought Police like good deals on beefy mountains of cantankerous mercenarie ogres and their cute little pets. So for those with a hunger for a new Ogre Kingdoms army, I present:


The 'Bust a Gut!' Ogre Kingdoms Deal


1 Warhammer: Ogre Kingdoms 41.25

1 Ogre Kingdoms Battalion 105.00

1 Mournfang Cavalry box 36.25

2 StoneHorn/Thundertusk 57.75x2 115.50

2 IronBlaster/Scraplauncher 33.00x2 66.00

1 Golfag Maneater 38.00

1 Brag the Gutsman 38.00

1 Firebelly 38.00

Total Cost at Retail 477.25

Bust a gut deal: 320.00 plus tax.

You save roughly 1/3 off the cost of a Mountainload of Ogrey Goodness.

The fine print:

-This is a spur of the moment deal, but if it works out, i'll probably do it again when other new armies come out.

- I'm limited on the Finecast models, so I have to limit this to 5 deals.

- You must pre-pay for the army to reserve one. It must be paid for all at once, and there aren't any rain checks.

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