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DAKKACON! This Weekend! An unorganized open gaming weekend put on by a bunch of guys who hang out on

Food: I'm cooking a bunch of stuff. Black Bean and Sausage Chili, Chili Dogs, Beermato Bratwurst, London Broil sammichs, and lots of other good gamer food that is really bad for you. Food and Bottled water for the weekend is 20.00

Dakkacon Schedule of events - (well, sort of.)


We're sort of relaxed for the weekend of Dakkacon, and time 'schedules' are sort of more like 'guidelines'. OPEN GAMING is always an option. If you just feel like gaming for an entire weekend with a buddy, feel free. Lots of tables available. Most of the events will only take up a few tables.

FRIDAY: a 25point Warmahordes event, probably kicking off at 7 or 8. Whenever Tim Nash has his din-din, shows up, and tries to organize people wanting to play. Open to beginners, if you're an experienced player, leave the brass balls at home and play like you want to have some fun.

FRIDAY LATE NIGHT: BigGunz-NE are hosting an Iron Painter event. Meaning we all sit around a table and put paint on models, build stuff, base our armies, or get bored with painting and go play games. Paint or don't Paint, we'll be there until the wee hours of the morning and then going out for Waffles at the local Diner. Our resident Golden Demon winner, Joe Guiliani will be setting up his airbrush, and we may mess around with learning how to use weathering powders and a few other useful things.

SATURDAY MORNING: 1000 point 40k Tournament. 10am. 3 rounds I think, but who knows. )

SATURDAY NIGHT: The creator of Brushfire will be here to run demos. Take advantage of learning the game from the people that made it.

-We're going to break out a few board games like Cataan and Red Dragon Inn.

-Saturday night will also see some of the guys from Gaming Garage doing Malifaux demos. True to the clubs nature they worried more about painting pretty models than those nigling rules. It's beginners teaching beginners, so step up and learn how to play.

SUNDAY: WFB Fantasy Warbands. Bring a 1000 pt WFB army to play with in the Chaos Wastes. No lords, and try to go with the old warbands feel. Smaller units, reflecting the followers of a champion of chaos. Start with any race and mutate as you go.) Send army lists to Mike Clark at for approval and a few rolls on the Chaos rewards table. WARNING: The ancient and venerable rules from Realms of Chaos in use! All hail the D1000 mutation chart!

Food will be cooking in the back all weekend. Eat hearty for just 20.00 for the whole weekend.

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