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Got a message from a friend on Dakka, who's coming into Adepticon from Australia, and needs a care package:

(If we only have one Finecast Bloodknights, just pull it but don't re-order)

Trollbloods Battlegroup Starter: $49.99
Kriel Warriors Unit (6): $47.99
Kriel Warriors Standard Bearer and piper: $18.99
Classic Dire Troll Mauler (If Available): $32.99 - OR If not available New Dire Troll mauler: $34.99
Hordes Primal Mk2 Book: $29.99
Forces Of Hordes: Trollbloods: $31.99
TOTAL: $211.94 OR $213.94

Grimgor Ironhide: $18.25
Wurrzag (on foot): $17 Orc Boys (10): $29
Savage orcs (10) x2: $58
Black Orcs (10) x2: $82.50
TOTAL: $204.75

Ghazghkull Thraka: $38
Ork Big Mek (force field one): $22.25
Ork Lootas and Burna Boyz (5) x2: $50
TOTAL: $110.25

Vampire Counts
Zombie Dragon/Terrorgheist: $57.75
Blood Knights (5): $99

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We did not have Grimgor Ironhide or The Blood Knights.


Everything else is pulled.

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