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So my schedule this Thursday (12/6) freed up.  I don't really have any friends in the area to play against, so would anyone be interested in a game with me?  I'm free any time after 1 to play.  I will probably just go down to the store and see if anyone is around for a game.  

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I'm not sure if this works with your schedule, but Friday night is a great time to come into Granite Run for 40k games - we usually have between 6 and 12 players in at night, and the store stays open later than usual on Fridays.  We'll have gaming going on typically from 6pm till between midnight and 2am, depending on who's at the store.

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I was wondering about this.  I would like to start playing here, and their weekly schedule doesn't list a time for open 40k play.  Is Friday the day?

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any thing any time any day as long as you have an opponent or have set up a game


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Thank you, but that isn't all  that helpful...  What I mean is: Is there a regularly scheduled day for 40k players (Or an unofficial day where 40k players show up)?

For example, Tuesday nights at Granite run is Warmahordes day at 6:00.  What day do people normally come in to play 40k?  Showing up randomly for "anything at any time any day" and hoping to bump into someone to play against is not a good strategy.

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Typically, Friday nights are probably the best to try and get a random pick-up game. However, I believe what Jesse was trying to get across is that you are welcome to use the Store's tables anytime not just on "assigned" days. So if you and a friend wanted to play 40k on say Tuesday night (FoW night) you wouldn't be turned away.

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