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Hello everyone, My name is Marshall I use to play Warmachine and Hordes @ the Granite Run store a few years back. My new job and schooling took up all my free time and to a extent still does. I was wondering if anyone still plays at the Granite Run store anymore? I would like play again and maybe get back into the swing of things. If anyone has any idea or free time let me know. My free time is mainly sat or sunday, sometimes a friday night if my wife has no plans. I am trying to biuld a Everblight group right now, but it is not complete by anymeans. I picked up some random models to paint and see if i liked the look of them...lot the train of thought i was on and the thank you for your time and hope to be gaming soon :)

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I don't play Warmachine/hordes, but I do know there are a couple of guys that play at least every Tuesday night and maybe the weekend as well.  If you catch my post in time, there is a Warmachine/Hordes tournament tomorrow, Sept 7th.

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Our Warmahordes community is pretty consistant. Every Tuesday night starting around 6 there are folks here playing.

They are actually just about to start a league this coming Tuesday.

You can also check our facebook page" target="_blank">here.

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Hello dear. 

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