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The Hot Ticket


As many of you have heard, Games Workshop is producing a limited edition model of a Catachan Colonel and sending them out to independent game stores. It's free to us and a way to help us out until Nurgle takes a vacation. 

It was suggested that we do a raffle for some of the models we get. So here's what we came up with.
1. Buying "The Hot Ticket" gives you one chance in the raffle. Buy more to get a better chance. 
2. We will randomly determine the winners. Yes, plural "Winners". Not really a ticket per say. I am going to assign numbers to each person as they buy them. So if max buys the first 5 tickets, Max is assigned chances 1-5. If we have 123 chances, then the winner will be determined by having a computer select a random number from 1 to 123. If a 1-5 comes up, max wins. 
3. Besides the spiffy Colonel, I'll be putting in a few other items I have here in my collection like models from past Games Days or other limited items. 
4. If your ticket wins an item, it will be removed from the event. The Catachan will go first.
5. If you have multiple tickets, you might win multiple items. The ticket that wins is taken out, but the rest of your tickets will be left in. 

More money means more prizes. When we hit 300 dollars,  I'll be adding another Catachan Colonel to be won. I'll add a 3rd Catachan Colonel at 700 dollars. For each 100.00 I'll be adding another old model of some type from past Games Days or similar collectibles.

6. We'll end the even around the first of June. We'll announce how we'll do the winners later on in the month. A few ideas of how to let people tune in to it. 

If you have questions, Email mike at  or talk to me on Facebook

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