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Monday at Swarthmore

Monday is a typically quiet night. There are tables available for open playing of many different games.

Tuesday Night - Table Top Tuesday! at Swarthmore

Stop on in and play a ton of different table top games! We have groups playing Warmachine and Hordes; Star Wars: X-wing and Armada; as well as, Guild Ball. And if you don't know the game, ask for a demo game to teach you the rules. 

Wednesday Night Magic Draft at Swarthmore

Draft the current set of Magic the Gathering every Wednesday at the Swarthmore location. Draft fires at 7:00PM with a cost of $15 (unless it is a more expensive, special set).

Wednesday Night - DnD 5e Adventure League at Swarthmore

Starting about 6:00PM and running to about 9:00PM. There is usually room available, but space could be limited depending on the amount of Dungeon Masters running games. Any interested in becoming a Dungeon Master should talk to Mike Clark and let him twist your arm. 

Wednesday Night - Warmahordes at Bryn Mawr

Open gaming and a big crowd of players for Privateer Press.

Thursday Night Board Game Night and Historical Wargaming at Swarthmore

A free event for board game enthusiasts who would love the opportunity to try out an array of games that we have to offer. Starts at 6:30 pm.

Also, join legions from across history, and place your support on the battlefield! Various different historical wargames are played every Thursday as well. Games range from the Napoleon at Waterloo to the battlefronts of the European theater with Bolt Action. Even step into the possible history of World War III with Team Yankee.

Friday Night Magic at Swarthmore

Friday Night Magic (FNM) at Swarthmore!  Two tournament options every Friday night!

7:00PM - Standard Format - Cost: Free!

7:30PM - Modern Format - Cost: $3 (fee goes towards pack prize support for the event)

Friday Night - Late Night Game Night at Swarthmore

Open gaming, with loads of tables and scenery available for all game systems, or sit and work on your models. We stay open till about midnight.

Friday Night - Heroclix at Bryn Mawr

Format changes. Contact the Bryn Mawr store for formats and other information.

Friday Night Magic at Bryn Mawr

 The format for Friday Night Magic changes, call the Bryn Mawr store for details.

Saturday & Sunday - Open Gaming at Swarthmore

The tables are open for play on Saturdays and Sundays. The only exception to this is when a special event, like a tournament.

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